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Kale and Sage Pesto Crostini with Roasted Vegetables

Suuuuurpriiiiiiiiiise! Hey, Lisa. Hi, I’m talkin’ to you. Yeah, you. Suuuuurpriiiiiiiiise! It’s a baby shower! For you! And that baby boy that’s going to shoot out of you in like, what, three weeks? Woo hoo! I knew I loved Lisa before we even met. We roomed together this summer at BlogHer Food, but before that […]

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Roasted Pork Tenderloin with a Fig, Prosciutto and Sage Butter Stuffing

Let’s start here. While this isn’t the sexiest thing you might ever look at, once you taste it, you’re going to shed your earthly skin and become a new angelic force fiercely whipping through layers of psychedelic taste bud clouds, proclaiming victory at every turn. See the below ingredients? I almost can’t believe I’m about […]

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White Bean and Sage Cakes with Roasted Tomatoes

I’m not even going to discuss how stifling hot it is today in Kansas City. I don’t need to tell you about the sunburn blisters I got just by gazing out the back window at my tomato plants. I’ll spare you the torturous details though. I won’t mention how I stupidly took a run this […]

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Haunted Polenta Cakes. Sort of.

Aaah Halloween. The perfect excuse to scare yourself silly watching movies,to eat way too much chocolate and tootsie rolls and to hand out the same sugar bombs to the future of our world. I love it. This weekend was especially nice because we spent the Holiday weekend with our in-laws and sister-in-law. After 48 hours […]

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