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Friday Flotsam

Tinkerbell Lilacs

FRAPPLES AND FRANANAS. Sorry sorry – Friday. Just finished Season 1 of LOVE. (!) It’s so fun. So cute. So WEIRD and AWKWARD. So you know, nothing like me. I want to say I’m just like hot Mickey, minus all the drugs, booze, cigarettes and that overall deep-sadness-in-her-soul thing. But I truly relate to Gus […]

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Monthly Mixtape: Couple Skate

Monthly Mixtape: The "Couple Skate" Mix

Hello, February! Did you know we have a leap day this month? Does that mean the extra day DELAYS the gray hairs, or speeds them up? I have yet to decide how I feel about this. That photo right there? ^^^ I’d like to think this is a pivotal moment of discovery in their lives, […]

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