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French Lentils with Lemony Shrimp and Asparagus

We’re having lentils for supper! Wait, don’t cry. I’ll never say supper again, I swear it. So this is how this went down. A few weeks ago I had mega mama plans for lentils, shrimp and asparagus. You know how when you decide on a meal, you envision how it will look, right? Like, will […]

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Angel Hair with Seared Shrimp and Greens

You better get ready to skip to your Lou. ‘Cuz that Lou of yours is about to be on fire with all the skipping. My darlin’. This is one of those supah easy springy singy shrimpy lemony pasta-y dishes that you can whip together in the few minutes right before New Girl starts. I even […]

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Lemon Jalapeno Spritzers

Leeeeees! (said like the old guru dude in Eat, Pray, Love)   Happy virtual baby shower baby virtual shower baby virtual day! We all made you things that have lemons in them. Because your site is called The Lemon Bowl. And because you like lemons. And having babies. But not at the same time. Or […]

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Summer Spaghetti Salad

The dog days aren’t overrrrrr, the dog days aren’t done. The horses ain’t even coming, so you don’t have to run! Do you see what I did there? I changed the lyrics because we’re still in the dog days. The dog days of summer. They’re not over yet. And I’m betting Florence and her Machine […]

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Orzo with Bacon and Summer Vegetables

Pasta will always be the answer. Man alive, I asked you guys for help and THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Thank you all for your super rad suggestions! I’m gonna do my verrr best to touch on all of it. Maybe twice. MAYBE THRICE. But for today, we have bacon. And orzo. And vegetables. And lemon […]

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Crab Salad with Celery

Oh oops there’s jumbo lump crab in this salad, oops. Sure it’s Friday and sure it’s always to fun to end the week with something super decadent and oozy and rich and slow-motion-in-front-of-a-fan worthy. Sure. But get this. We can totally do that with this crab and celery salad! Oh but we can! ALLOW ME […]

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Sautéed Potatoes and Leeks with Bacon and Parmesan

It’s Friday story time! Oh don’t act like this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to your life. So a few weeks ago I was beboppin’ around on the netz, when all of the sudden I got an email from an old friend whom I’ve known for about 8 years I think. Did I […]

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Lentil Salad with Roasted Red Peppers, Parsley and Almonds

The effect it had on me . . . It was like, my mind went completely numb. My throat closed in. My racing heart came to an abrupt halt, and then forgot how to beat for a good 20 seconds. My eyes froze, cried a tiny river, and then found their new happy place. My […]

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Sriracha Hot Toddy with Honey and Lemon

Ooooooookay. I think I’m about halfway caught up with Parenthood, and it’s official. I want them to adopt me. I don’t even care which family. All of them. Joint custody. Except, as much as I want to stick Crosby in my bra, when he smiles, duuuude it’s intense! How many teeth does that guy have? […]

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Spaghetti with Kale and Lemon

Oh weird I wonder how this pasta post ended up on my website. Weird. I started the week with pasta and I’m ending it with pasta. BOOK ENDING. I like the way this feels. It’s like watching a man mow his front lawn and noticing that he keeps missing this one itty bitty tiny little […]

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