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Strawberry Pastry Bites

O BEAUUUUUTIFUL FOR SPAAAACIOUS SKIES, FOR AMBER WAVES OF GRAAAAAIN. Oh, hey. I made dessert! But it’s a Bev-style dessert, where there’s no crying or sweating involved. It’s nothing like this grilled sponge cake I had to make for a client yesterday and omgomgomg, I was a hot mess. All the folding of egg whites […]

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Roasted Radish Flatbread with Ricotta and Honey

I just discovered my new favorite lunch of all time. Or breakfast if you put a fried egg on top! Orrrr dinner if you add some thinly sliced steak on top! Orrrrrrrr dessert if you put a scoop of chocolate fudge ice cream on top! Oh I’m just kidding, you guyyyyzzzzz. There would be at […]

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Crostini with Peaches, Blue Cheese and Honey (& a Giveaway!)

These. It would be ridiculous for me to attempt to put into human words just how monumentally delicious these crostini are.  Just imagine yourself on the kitchen floor, in a puddle of your own drool mixed with a little honey, body limp, mind numb, and a trail of expletives escaping your lips. Got that? NO […]

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Sriracha Hot Toddy with Honey and Lemon

Ooooooookay. I think I’m about halfway caught up with Parenthood, and it’s official. I want them to adopt me. I don’t even care which family. All of them. Joint custody. Except, as much as I want to stick Crosby in my bra, when he smiles, duuuude it’s intense! How many teeth does that guy have? […]

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Homemade Vanilla Bean, Honey and Almond Ice Cream

I KNOW. I can assure you you’re at the right website, so you can go ahead and feel around for your eyeballs that have probably popped out and are rolling around on your keyboard due to extreme shock at what they just witnessed. I flippidy flippin’ made ice cream! A DESSERT. Something SWEET. Something so […]

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Watermelon Spritzers with Lemon and Honey

I know. Just laugh it out now and you’ll feel better. I just figured, if I can’t beat . . . myself, join . . . myself?  Wait, that’s not it. When I figure out how it goes, I’ll get back to you. But guess who was pleasantly surprised with the refreshing beverage of the […]

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Meyer Lemon Hot Toddy

Remember when I went to Florida a few weeks ago to visit Jaden, Julie and Jessica? (photo recap coming later this week)That was awesome. I miss those pigeons. All right so, Saturday afternoon Jaden and I are doing our nails with this crazy astronaut Darth Vader time capsule machine thingy, and in walks Julie, with […]

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Chicken Diablo

Um, excuse me but, who is this. . .Diablo? Does he have a mustache? Does he ride a motorbike? Does he have pointy little horns sticking out of his head and a long spiky tail snaking out of his expensive Spanish linen pants? Did you know that “diablo” means DEMON? I found this out today. […]

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Grilled Peach Salad

For the last couple of Christmases, my sweet memaw has gifted me with a subscription to Southern Living magazine. You see, I’m actually from the south, and I do in fact have a memaw. Oh I’m not even kidding. She even starts every sentence with, “Wayell daaaarlin’!” I love her. A lot. To my surprise, […]

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