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cafe in New York

FrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrJOHNNY! I mean IDAY! Aren’t you just a little bit curious about Red Lobster? I mean, it is STILL IN BUSINESS. How? How has it not totally sunk by now? (<—ha! sunk. never mind.) I was at a little wine tasting last night and Red Lobster came up (obviously by me), and a dude was […]

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Friday Flotsam

Hands and flowers

Fu-REE DEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Can we please talk about Peppa Pig for like half a second? And no more? Because I want to die? WHAT IS WITH THIS SHOW. A) I have maj issues with it. Sure sure. It’s adorable and whatever. Kids love it. My kids love it. They giggle. The pigs giggle. They learn. Everyone’s […]

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