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Dehydrating Tomatoes 101:

Sert it and ferggert it. That’s set and it forget it, MOM. She’s like, WHAT WENT WRONG AT CHILDBIRTH? So, do you guys have a dehydrator? I’m only 1,025% obsessed with mine. Get this, we found ours about a hundred years ago at a thrift store! It was like $.06 with no dead rats in […]

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Food Blog Forum and Some Pasta

This time tomorrow morning, a couple of bloggy girlfriend bloggy bloggers and I will be well on our way to a city where country stars are born every 5 minutes. A city that we thought would be chilly, allowing us to sport our new sweaters and scarfs we purchased for the trip, but instead decided […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale Pizza

A couple of evenings ago my phone danced around on the kitchen table, alerting me of a new text. “I’ve some got butternut squash from my parent’s garden for ya. Can I drop by real quick?” Sa-weeeeet. We hadn’t grown any butternut squash in our garden this year (or ever), so when Carly brought the […]

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Wild Flower Pickin’

The girls are coming over in a bit for some mojitos. We’re going to give my new mortar and pestle a proper christening. For the event, I thought a little bit of backyard wild flower pickin’ was in order. I’m even going to WASH MY HAIR.    

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Garden Tomato Pizza

I know I just posted about pizza not too long ago, but  who can really help it? It’s summer, and that obviously means that your face needs the pizza. Especially when every few seconds a nurse brings in a basket of baby tomatoes newly birthed from the garden. * we don’t have a nurse in […]

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Sneak Peek

Surprise, surprise – we’re eating tomatoes for dinner! But what are we doing with them?

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World, Meet Summer, at 6 oz and 5 inches Long

Look at that thing. What IS that? Do you even know? I heard these rather disturbing groans and moaning noises coming from the garden, so I walked out and found it giving birth to this HA-UGE orange tomato. They named it summer. Isn’t that sweet? Seriously, the garden is going to have to take it […]

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Hey summer, this whole heat thing you have going on right now ain’t cool with me, but since our garden beds supply free flowers for every single room in the house, you’re forgiven. Now, about some rain….  

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You guys, Dr. Seuss has pepper elves living in our garden!

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I’ve Got a Seedy Husband

This afternoon while picking up the house in preparation for overnight guests, I noticed Aaron sitting at the table, meticulously leaning over little see-through envelopes, digging around in our small indoor compost bin. “Weirdo,” I thought, and kept on cleaning. A few minutes later he summons me to the living room to show me his […]

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