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Most Ridiculous Breakfast Sandwich Ever

It’s the most wonderful meaaaaaal of the daaaaaay. With the protein all runny and oozy and sunny you’ll want a whole traaaaaaaay, it’s the most wonderful meaaaaaaal of the daaaaay. It’s the hap-happiest tiiiiime for your faaaaaace.   With some leafy greens blistered and aged cheese all toastered, you’ll want to embraaaaace, it’s the hap-happiest […]

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Sausage and Egg Breakfast Dogs {Tablespoon Tuesdays}

I have a bone to pick with cookie jars. Well, first of all, I should mention, I don’t even have a cookie jar. But if I had one I have this feeling I’d have a bone to pick with it. BECAUSE. A couple of days ago I had a weak moment at the grocery store […]

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Poached Egg Bruschetta and Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Get labored! Actually, don’t. I know it’s labor day, but I think the hidden meaning behind it is, “dooo noooothing todaaaaay.” And by nothing, I’m pretty sure it excludes the following: * drinking lots of hot coffee. * finishing Fifty Shades of MY EYES. MY EEEEYES. * flipping through the pages of the 45 trillion […]

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Cheesy Canapés, Egg Boats and a Rustic Slab Pizza

How annoying am I about to be. I have TROIS BILLION THINGS to show you. But before we go on, I have some good news to share. I got my glasses fixed! And, I’m utterly perplexed at how they managed to make this happen. I go in, I hand my glasses over to the lady, […]

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Open-Faced Egg Salad Sandwiches

When a day like today rolls around in the midwest, you stop, breath and take it in. The high is 80 degrees and the humidity has kindly done a disappearing act. I cry. To celebrate, I got out the blanket, my newest food magazines and made a most delightful lunch inspired by a recipe I […]

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Cinco De Taco!

I think it’s safe to say this holiday was made for me. Never mind that I’m American or the history itself of Cinco de Mayo. But hello, TACOS. It’s the one day of the year that you can eat 37 tacos and not be considered a freak. I just started my day with a breakfast […]

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Breakfast Salad

Well, there’s a huge, random dog in my back yard. Looks like I’m off to find its owner. Seriously, what is going on? First a bird flies into my house and now this? Wait, is this the apocalypse? I haven’t even brushed my teeth!

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Eggy Thing

Would anyone kill me if I said the Nate Berkus show is kind of lame? Semi-Fried Egg on Toast with Greens and Ricotta: What it takes for 1: * 1 egg * 1 piece of whole grain bread, toasted * small handful of baby greens (or spinach, or arugula, watercress, whatev) * 1 Tbs. part […]

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The “Purge Your Fridge Before Grocery Shopping” Breakfast Tostada

Weekend! That’s all I got. Breakfast Tostada: * 1 corn tortilla * 1/4th cup grated cheddar cheese * 2 small peppers (red or yellow) minced * 6 cherry tomatoes, halved * 1 egg * sprinkling of paprika or cumin * cilantro for garnish In a medium saute pan, heat a Tbs. of extra virgin olive […]

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That Is One Cultured Egg

This morning’s breakfast is sort of hodgepodge. Using a mix of Japanese mushrooms, cumin-spiced eggs and fresh parmesan, I’m going global! Or, uh, purging the last of the fridge goods before heading to the store. Let’s go with global. Breakfast Taco: What it took for 2: * 2 whole wheat flour tortillas * 3 eggs, […]

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