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Thai Three-Bean Salad

I’ve been just Thai-ing to show you this. You’re already mad at me. I created this recipe for my in-laws’ huge annual 4th of July pool party in Fayetteville. I was absurdly excited about it, until I set it down on the serving table next to exactly 38426534 other salads. Blast! It was still good […]

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Vegetarian Coconut Rice Bowls

Vegetables on a Friday? OFF WITH HER HEAD. Hear me out! What if I told you they were seasoned and seared so properly you immediately hopped on your desk and rocked out some major Chandler Bing moves? What if I told you they were dripping in so much velvety coconut milk you immediately charged into […]

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Mini Cheeseburgers and Soba Noodle Lunch Boxes

You want to cradle them, don’t you? I’ll tell you what, my mouth cradled about 50 of them at one time like a bowling alley does with its pins. And you should know, I plan on making SENSE in my next life. Today it’s all about the back to schools. Not that mini cheeseburgers have […]

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Somen Noodles with Scallops and Vegetables

Saaaaaaaaaaa-lurp. Okay. I know you’re probably looking at those little scallops on top of those noodles and thinking you’ve seen this before somewhere, tucked neatly in a memory folder stored in that one dusty corner of your cerebrum. And you have! I kindasortamaybe made this back in April with soba noodles. But! I swapped out […]

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Spinach and Edamame Salad

Before we spiral into the vortex of chest hair-growing, involuntary grunting, crotch-scratching and Arsenio Hall arm-pumping-style dude food this week, we need to prepare our stomach cavity. We need to massage it and stretch it. We need to put a damp towel around its shoulders and squirt cold water into it. Give it pep talks, […]

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Soba Noodle Soup with Shrimp and Veggies

Need dinner on the table in a pinch? Need dinner on the table in a cinch? Need dinner on the table in a lrinch? Oh, you don’t know what a lrinch is? Oh, wow!  Well, it’s an….um….it’s this super……uuuh, they said it……well, it’s …. OH HEY LOOK OVER THERE! Weird, it’s gone now. I guess […]

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Spicy Shrimp with Edamame, Asparagus and Wheat Berries

There are only 11 episodes left on Oprah. ELEVEN. Does anyone else experience heart palpitations over this fact? Are you hosting a party? Attending a party? Can I attend yours? Should I host? Stop obsessing? Moving on to food. This recipe = to die for. Try it on a weekend when you have an adequate […]

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Chicken Sausages with Mushrooms and Ed. and His Mama.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I took a shower earlier in some green food coloring and you guys, it’s not coming out. Is this some joke? Where’s the camera? Are you Curtis Stone? Wait, wrong show. (Bonus points to anyone who knows who Curtis Stone is. Jenny, shut your mouth.) (I never have bonus points on […]

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Debt Prevention Plan

No, it’s not too early for pasta. You see, here in approximately 15 minutes, I’m headed to Whole Foods for my weekly grocery run. Whole Foods is to foodies what Disney World is to kids. If I’m not properly prepared for this trip, I’ll end up spending my retirement savings on Himalayan pink salt and […]

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Green With Curry. I Mean Envy. I Mean Curry.

We’re in the depths of Fall and nothing could be more crisp or colorful. I love my drives around town, especially when the sun rays split through tree branches and radiance bounces around from leaf to leaf, blinding me. Ok, I don’t love the blinding, but I love the color! Each year when the comfort […]

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