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Queso Turkey Burgers

Summer just got real, yo. Oh! We saw our first firefly last night. And by that I mean I was freaking out in a full-blown breakdown in our back yard watching a giant clumsy bat wobbling around in the deep twilight between two tall oak trees. And then as I finally settled down and calmed […]

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Turkey Burger Salads with Pub Dressing

I put a cheeseburger in a salad. Is that cool with you? Of course it is, you’re not made of GRAVEL. I also made a pub dressing that I think you might take a shining to. Do you remember the pub sauce from my pub burger post a long time ago? It’s the same thing! […]

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Spinach/Artichoke Mac ‘N Cheese Cups and Grilled Bourbon Bacon Burgers

I’m baaaaack. And I no longer look like Hurricane Insano struck me 4 hundred billion times. I got SO much sleep last night I’m still kind of freaking out about it. I tried to sleep on the plane yesterday morning, but this old man with an eagle slash wolf bandana covering part of his gray […]

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Asian Chicken Burgers

There are two imperatively crucial subject matters that I must exclaim to all the lands right now. 1) Asian chicken burgers rule my face. 2) Steam from a tea pot burns the skin like a mother. Let’s start with the first subject matter. Has your mouth experienced an Asian chicken burger before? Guess how many […]

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Shroom Burgers Dude. (made ya look)

In my quest to make 4 million, 738 thousand, 617 burgers this summer, I decided that today was as good as any to make it all about the mushroom. I love mushrooms. I am so in love with mushrooms. The weirder the spelling, the better. The stranger the texture, bring it on. The funkier the […]

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Roasted Eggplant Burgers

When we were in Florida on vacation, (don’t give me that look) the ladies of the group decided to part with the surfing men for an afternoon and have a nice lunch together. Of course it was picturesque, outdoors, next to water and next to sand. We’d found our place. Scanning the menu, I decided […]

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Bored With Your Boca?

Is your daily Boca burger lunch a little sleepy? Jazz it up with some garlicky sauteed spinach, cherry tomatoes and loads of cilantro! Why did I make just one?

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