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Asian Lamb and Noodle Toss

Unbaaaahaahaalievable. Get it? Like a lamb? Baaah-ing? No? Let’s move on? Nothing to see here? Fiiiine, for bleat’s sake! BURN.   I really want you to make this. I don’t ask for much, now do I? Other than wanting you to make every single thing I post. . . . and laughter. . . . […]

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Gemelli Pasta with Garden Greens and Pine Nuts

Whoa, Nelli Gemelli! (I know it’s really Nelly, but just go with me here.) Do you ever plan a meal based on a color you have in your head? Like a certain color palate? Or a little mental paint swatch? You’re shaking your head. Okay. A couple of weeks ago Jamie Oliver posted this shot […]

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Sesame Noodles with Wilted Garden Greens

Welcome to the very last episode of Why Didn’t I think of That, the chronicle of a wandering, rebellious gypsy through the vast, open terrain of her companions’ masterminds, with the hopes of finding herself and the strength to carry on just one more day. (do what now?) We’ve had so much fun this week! […]

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Asian Steak Salad with Bok Choy

I swear this is the last of the Asiany foods for a while. And ohhhh my is it a doozer. I’ve rather enjoyed our little trip together! We’ve canoed through rivers of fish sauce. We’ve snorkeled in soy. We’ve climbed the ropes of vermicelli noodles. And today we shall bok the choy.   Wait! I […]

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Spicy Tofu Steaks over Bok Choy and BRIDESMAIDS, omg.

“I know there’s pain. WHY DO YOU LOCK yourself up in these chains?” (these chains.) Yep. I finally watched Bridesmaids last night. You guys, I’m still coming to terms with the unbelievable fact that my agent didn’t contact me for an audition. a) Kristin Wiig is my sista-from-anotha-motha. *SPOILER ALERT* b) The bestest and most […]

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