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Lemon Chicken With Orzo

What does bistro mean? Because in a coffee-induced hyper episode on Saturday, I deemed this week as BLOG BISTRO WEEK. And then realized I have no idea what that means. And that I was talking to air. But I do know that it’s one of those words that when you say more than thrice, it […]

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French Lentils with Kale and Shrimp

Do you ever find yourself zombieously wandering around your kitchen, scanning the pantry inventory for dinner: wild rice, lentils, oats, cob webs. WAIT, oh ew. And then you drag yourself out to the garden, squinting into the blinding sun to check out what’s left of the season: kale, some herbs, a few tomatoes, weeds. WAIT, […]

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Bistro Chicken Twist

About 347 years ago Aaron and I obtained a rather urban lifestyle. Freshly married, we lived in a warehouse loft downtown. We played regularly in an indie band together. We gallivanted with the city folk from social event to event. I wore high heels ‘round the clock. In short, we were hip. During those days […]

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