We’re Back!


Heeey, you guuuuys! We made it HOME. We just pulled up to find our house and car still intact with the Earth after being away for 7 days. Every time we drive down our street and approach our home, I always say to Aaron, “Well, our house is still there! My car is still there!” […]

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The Teeth Series


Last night we took a little trip north to visit my brother-in-law’s family for dinner. This is the type of thing that accidentally happens when this group gets together. Please refrain from any Arkansas jokes, mk? p.s. I did get permission to post these pictures. p.s.s. Sort of. This is my sister, Barbara. I think […]

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The Breckon Tour


I promise I’ll be posting food again, one of these days. But for now? It’s all about my pudgy smudgy, booty tooty, piggly smiggly, kissy missy, dolly polly-face, baby niece, Breckon. Here she is in the same high chair that my sister and I were raised with. Seriously, I have to resist the urge to […]

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A Taste of Breckon


Yesterday my mom, sister, Breckon and I took a little girl’s road trip to south Arkansas, to visit my sick Memaw. We might have giggled the entire way there and back. We might have annoyed my sister to near death. We might have eaten fast food twice in one day. We might have eaten chocolate […]

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Breakfast with Breckon


This is my sweet munchkin, pigeon darling, beebee doll, giggle box, angel face, almond-eyed, dooty booty, pumpkin pooty, baby niece, Breckon. We’re having breakfast. I almost got so excited sitting next to her that I forgot about my eggs and starting eating her nose off. Danger zone, I tell you.

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Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake


Imma bout to jump in the car and skiddly daddle south, but before I do, I have to share this dish with you. This is another pantry purge meal, with frozen chicken breasts, wild rice, a few peppers from the garden and a hodgepodge of molding vegetables from the fridge. Oh you guys, the vegetables […]

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Orecchiette with a Quick Marinara


We’re skipping town for a few days this week. I need to nibble on my baby niece. I need to hug my sick Memaw. I need to wish my brother-in-law a farewell as he moves across the world to study abroad, or whatever the cool college kids do these days. No, I’m not jealous at […]

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Mexican Steak Salad


I didn’t intend to post two meatily chunks of meat recipes two days in a row. I guess I’m out of control. Maybe it’s the thing living in my left ear? Am I low on iron? Do I need to see someone about this? Take a vacation? Go back to bed? Watch Dirty Dancing? Whatever […]

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