Stuffed Peppers, Baby!


I’m drawn to red sauces. Well, red food in general. But I guess most red food is in sauce form. Right? I mean, other than red peppers and tomatoes, what else is red? OH, fruit. Apples, raspberries and strawberries. Those are red. And I can dig all of that, too. But if I want to […]

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Black Quinoa With Shrimp and a Lot of Healthy Stuff


Today’s post is brought to you by….HEALTH. Um, I can totally sense a bucket of eye rolls from the male species. Wait, do I even have any male readers? Two? Three? Oh! Let’s see a show of hands! (This is the INTERWEB, lady. You can’t see jack.) Fine, have it your way. Anyway, after a […]

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Cookbook Review and Mushroom Soup


Something really cool happened. Yes, I washed my hair, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Do you want to guess? Do you like guessing games? See, I do, but it seems like anytime I crave a good guessing game, everyone around me groans, rolls their eyes and would rather discuss oral hygiene. On turtles. […]

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Home Again…Home Again…


We’re home! Man, you guys, Colorado knows how to party. Scenery gawking, trail-riding, wine sipping, stinky cheese tasting, nearly barfing from the smell of said stinky cheeses, hair net wearing, tea sampling, restaurant hopping, wine sipping, haunted hoteling, yogaing, farmer’s marketing, salsa tasting, wine sipping, early morning running, Pearle street lounging, wine sipping, yoga studio […]

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They Call Us the Tea Ladies


Yesterday afternoon Laura and I went on a little mid-afternoon adventure. We walked across their apartment parking lot, through a small, lush dog park, across the street and down the long street entrance to the Celestial Seasonings headquarters and factory. They offer free tours, tea samples and HAIR NETS. We were exactly like Laverne and […]

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And Awaaaay….


We go! Hey Boulder, I forgot my deodorant. But, I have a feeling you ain’t gerna care. * please ignore my dirty computer screen.  I can only take care of so much at a time in this life I lead. * look at my arm shadow! * actually, go ahead and ignore that too. * […]

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Soba Noodle Soup with Shrimp and Veggies


Need dinner on the table in a pinch? Need dinner on the table in a cinch? Need dinner on the table in a lrinch? Oh, you don’t know what a lrinch is? Oh, wow!  Well, it’s an….um….it’s this super……uuuh, they said it……well, it’s …. OH HEY LOOK OVER THERE! Weird, it’s gone now. I guess […]

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Penne Bake with Spinach and Tomatoes


I’m not sure what it was like in your corner of the world, but here in KC, fall made quite the majestic entrance. I’m talking SUPREME PERFECTION, you guys. Bright blue skies, crisp air, temperatures so flawless that I spent most of the day with my arms extended in some sort of yoga rayanamaysta (what?) […]

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