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Thai Chicken Pizza

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Oh for heaven’s sake. I can’t even remember the last time I posted pizza on this here blog. And frankly, that’s a crime. Speaking of crimes, it’s almost Octoooobeeerr! And you obviously know what that means. Scary movies! It’s a good thing we’re already waist-deep into our newest BBC crime show obsession from the ’90s, […]

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Winners are Delish. So Are Four-Legged Babies.

Winners are Delish. So Are Four-Legged Babies.

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I think something’s wrong with my coffee this morning. Orrrr maybe I’ve just had too much. Or not enough? This is how lame Aaron and I are right now. We’re on this stupid no-sugar thing this month, minus the oops-I-totally-forgot-but-didn’t-and-made-a-spiced-pumpkin-loaf moment (two hours) I had a few days ago. To be fair, there’s actually more […]

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Willow and Fig Moccasins Giveaway!

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People have babies for many different reasons. Some to fulfill their naturally embedded nurturing instincts. Some to have help around the house, farm or reality show. Some people have babies because it’s the next logical step. Me? I did it for the moccasins. Right? I feel like it’s only been in the last few years […]

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Seriously Delish Cookbook Giveaway!

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I can’t tell you how sweet it is that we finally have this cookbook in our liiiieevvees! See what I did there? You already want to punch me. I realize it’s 22 days past release day. I’m just a little late to the party. I’ve mentioned I have twins, right? But you GUYS. This BOOK. […]

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Itching, Some Feet and a Black Tongue

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FRIDAAAYYEEEEEEE. I don’t have much for ya right now, but I wanted to say what up (what up!), and to let you know about a little article I wrote for What To Expect. It’s about the transition from infant to baby. From ankle biter to circus performer. From sweet innocence to a bowl of the […]

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Pimento Cheese Play Date

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Do you remember pimento cheese? Ohhh I’m just kidding! Of course you don’t. Not unless your birthday falls prior to Michael Jackson’s 1982 release of Thriller. You might cringe when you think of the tub o’ paste that your grandma used to serve to you in summertime sandwich form, but I’m here to say, there’s […]

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Risotto with Sausage, Brussels Sprouts and Sundried Tomatoes

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Did you know that in ancient times, “autumn” actually translates to “eat risotto?” It does. But don’t try to look it up because Merriam and Webster had a fight last night and the site’s down. Don’t you just love risotto? I could snarf it year round, but I especially dig it during the fall, because […]

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The Great Weidner Summer Wrap of 2014

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Oh yaaaaay, I have 300 billion 47 thousand 925 photos to show you! But I put most of them in collage form, to keep you from pouring gasoline on yourself. I thought we could take a lil’ stroll together through the past few summer months and take a gander at some precious family memories. Precious. […]

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Weeknight Indian Chicken Soup

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Fall is almost here! And a gnat is dog paddling in my red wine but that’s neither here nor there. Protein? Gross. Soup, soup, soup! We can get excited about soup, right? The first leaves are flit flit floating to the ground, you’re eying that favorite wool pullover at the back of the sweater drawer, […]

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Wine-Battered Coconut Shrimp Over Brown Rice

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This week. I’ve been behind thu UNTAR week. I’ve been trying to publish this post since MONDAY NIGHT. How silly is that? Thing is, we had our living room painted this week. And by that I mean, dude put on one coat and packed his things. Th . . . thanks? So, we had to […]

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