Bistro Chicken Twist


About 347 years ago Aaron and I obtained a rather urban lifestyle. Freshly married, we lived in a warehouse loft downtown. We played regularly in an indie band together. We gallivanted with the city folk from social event to event. I wore high heels ‘round the clock. In short, we were hip. During those days […]

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Good Old Fashioned Burgers

Beef Burger

This past Saturday I was sitting at the kitchen table, meal planning, a hobby that makes me so giddy, others who know me might view it borderline inappropriate. Aaron was peacefully sitting on the couch, flipping through his newest “This Old House” magazine. My head was down and my pen scribbled quickly over a page […]

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Farm Fresh Eggs


A few days ago I visited a friend who has a newborn baby. As I hopped out of my car, I was walking up to her newly finished, grand back deck to discovered her, comfortably lounging in a hammock, under a pergola, with her baby. Um, am I walking across a page in Southern Living […]

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Corn Saute with Zucchini, Mint, and Spicy Tofu


Remember when I talked about getting a new bed for our bedroom and moving our old bed out and into a guest bedroom and that other bed which was in another guest room to the basement, resulting in mad chaos in my life and home? Well, that’s all figured out now. Mostly. But what I’m […]

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Homemade Ranch Dressing


There are a few things in life that people possess monstrous opinions about. Politics, religion, relationships….and ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is tricky, I tell you. How much tang? How much kick? How thin or thick should it be? You’re liable to lose a limb if you find yourself in a situation of opposing ranch opinions. […]

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Green Chicken Curry with Pineapples and Cherry Tomatoes


You know how in the movies when sexy or intense scenes flash across the screen, they’re mimicking flashing thoughts in our brain? That totally happened to me today. I was in the garden, waist-deep in weeding, when vivid thoughts violently interrupted my psyche, making me dizzy and nearly blind. You see, there is an issue […]

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