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Simple Lamb Meatball Gyros

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Bev’rly had a little lamb meatball gyro, little lamb meatball gyro, little lamb meatball gyro. Bev’rly had a little lamb meatball gyro, its meats delight, hey-ohhhh. Shall I continue the rhyme? Because I know you like it so. Eh, I guess I won’t today. I’ll just get straight to the-EEEVERYWHERE that Bev’rly went, Bev’rly went, […]

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Middle Eastern Stuffed Poblano Peppers

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Ummm, so I’m in New York City right now. I . . . have no idea. One moment I was staring at the wall scratching my armpits, and the next I’m in a cab in the middle of Manhattan on an impromptu trip with my home girl, Jessica. I’m sorry I called you home girl, […]

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Saffron Rice with Golden Raisins and Pine Nuts – An Edible Mosaic Party!

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Cuz ya gotta have Faith-a, Faith-a, Faith-ah! Do you know Faith Gorsky? The cutie patootie behind An Edible Mosaic? Of course you do. It’s all that cuteness I tell you. Weeeeeell, today is one for the books for her (hardy HAAARRRRR, oh.) BECAUSE, look at the next photo. That’s her brand spickity spankin’ new cookbook! […]

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Chicken Shawarma

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The first time I heard about this dish, I didn’t botch the name at all. Me, “I’ll have the chicken sharmwaramaramlarmawahllalrwah, please.” The waiter thought I was such a darling that he wiggled his naked toes right in my food. Have you shawarmalarama’d before? It’s basically a popular Middle Eastern wrap where you grill all […]

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Chicken Koftas

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I’m a little nervous. You see, when we planted our vegetable garden we used our own compost along with fertilizer and manure for the bed. A nano second later we noticed sprouts appearing all OVER the bed. These weren’t seeds we planted you guys. These were volunteers. Intruders. Burglars. So we compared the sprouts to […]

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Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers

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In preparation for our fabulous summer Floridian beach house vacation creeping up, I started reading the old Nicholas Sparks book “Nights in Rodanthe” a couple of days ago. You know, to get me in the mindset. Sunset walks on the beach, tunics and sandals, kite-flying and wading in the cool ocean water, crisp white wine […]

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