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Mini Fig Pizza Bites, Loaded Potato Balls and Chipotle Cheddar Sandwiches

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Three different foods in one post. Gah, how obnoxious is this? Thing is, I’m SO SO behind on showing you the stuff I’ve been making for Tablespoon, and we’re almost into 2014 (WHAT). So in an effort to keep my stress at bay and contractions not cray, I’m gonna do a little food post dump […]

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DIY Ivory Snow

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Oh Lord, we’re crafting. But hark! Before you volunteer to spend the night on a brown recluse farm, you should know that this craft is super weird and actually quite simple. Fake snow. I mean yes, you can buy it already made, but where’s the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN THAT? I must admit, I’d never made […]

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Bacon-Wrapped Stuffing Bites

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Gah! Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Between my own doctor, the vet and outside deadlines before le bebes arrives, it’s straight up whack-a-doodleville over here. But I’m showing you bacon today, so that makes up for it, right? . . . R  . . . right? But first, the deal with my dog: Charlie girl. […]

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Mini Jalapeno Polenta Cakes {Tablespoon Tuesdays}

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These. These are absolute insanity. I probably should have shown you these long before Halloween so you could add them to your menu, but as you can see, I’ve not posted a Tablespoon Tuesday post since we landed on the moon. I have an excuse! They launched a new site and there were bugs and […]

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Eeeez mah beeeerrrthday! And okay. I totally baked a chocolate pie and was so excited to share it with you today, buuuut yeaaaaaah. My meringue was more like ma-WRONG and my pie filling was more like puddin’. Which actually worked out because I found two small garden trowels in the garage, duct taped them to my […]

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4th of July Round-Up Extravaganza of the Year and Century

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AMERICUUUUH. This round-up is actually extremely tiny and hilarious. And you mostly likely have your menu planned for today like a well-behaved, organized American citizen, but just in case you needed two more side options, four main entrée alternatives like burgers and fish, one drink option and seriously only one dessert option, Y’ALL I AM […]

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Bloggy Anniverary! Or is it Birthday? Or Both?

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It’s my blawgiversary! My blawgirthday. My blirthday. I’m now a blog-a-toddler. A bloddler. I’m 1! Isn’t that weird? A whole entire year into this thing and I still know absolutely nothing. And guess what I’m doing today. I think it’s rather poetic if I have any say in this life. I’m headed on a midnight […]

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Watermelon Spritzers with Lemon and Honey

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I know. Just laugh it out now and you’ll feel better. I just figured, if I can’t beat . . . myself, join . . . myself?  Wait, that’s not it. When I figure out how it goes, I’ll get back to you. But guess who was pleasantly surprised with the refreshing beverage of the […]

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Shrimp and Grits, and King Cake Jelly Shots

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Oh, hi! I’m just letting the good times roll over here. Letting. Them. Roll. And maaaan are they rolling. I can’t even begin to describe all of the rolling of the good times that are rolling right now. Talk about rolling. Those good times? They roll. Am I annoying you yet because I’m about to […]

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Bloody Mary Oyster Shots and Tex-Mex Valentine Empanadas

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Whoa whoa WHOA. 2 posts in one day? I’M CRAZY LIKE THAT. I won’t keep you. I know it’s Saturday morning and you have cartoons to watch and maybe a crossword puzzle to solve over 13 gallons of coffee. BUT, I just haaave to make you make these bloody Mary oyster shots. Tomorrow, right now, […]

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