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Sausage Cheese Dip

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I think we need a moment of silence, yes? Yes. I’m such a stupid lover of cheese dip, it’s stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I made this last Saturday for the Arkansas/Alabama game (embaaaaaaarrassing) and – oh, did I host a party, you ask? Oh no. The cheese dip was for me. All two pounds of […]

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Rainbow Pizza and Truffle Fries with a Wine Dipping Sauce

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I know. I’ve completely gone off the deep end. What can I say, I HAD A WEAK MOMENT. An incredibly delicious and colorfully cuckoo weak moment. Be honest, you want it. Lawk, bawd. Before your eyeballs attempt to jump out of their sockets because they simply cannot take it anymore, I’ll go ahead and give […]

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Hot Ham and Cheese Dip

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Well that’s over. What am I supposed to do with my time now that March Madness is behind us!? Oh, right. Finish Downton Abbey. But I only have half an episode left and we’re watching it tonight and THEN WHAT? Oh, right. Look at Phillip Phillips. But that’s only twice a week and WAAAAH. Oh, […]

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Baked Bourbon Buffalo Wings

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Yeaaah I’m pretty sure that punt wasn’t even in the huddle when the kicker handed off that line of scrimmage in the neutral zone. Pretty sure of it. And then when that one interception turned into a fumble around the field goal, when it was blocking the blitz bomb? Totally didn’t see that coming. My […]

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White Spinach Cheese Dip

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So it’s 1986. I’m 10 years old, and my sister Barbara is 6. We’d just moved to the sweaty armpit of the UNIVERSE, Hobbs, New Mexico and were getting settled into our new lifestyle which involved tumbleweeds, fake red cowboy boots from the Walmart and a crimp iron. Not known to be shy, (WEIRD!) Bar […]

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