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Poutine Dogs

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Are you even seeing this? I’ve eaten 76 of them and I’m still in disbelief that they exist. I’d like to shake the hand of the genius who invented this whole poutine thing. And then I’d probably be tempted to do that little thing where you wiggle one finger inside the person’s hand you’re shaking. […]

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Baked Italian Chicken with Pasta

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You guys, I just cleaned my computer screen and I swear to you, it’s like . . . oh . . . what are the words  . . . A WHOLE NEW WOOOOOORLD. A DAZZLING PLACE I NEVER KNEW. BUT WHEN I’M WAY UP HERE, IT’S CRYSTAL CLEA – oh you got the point. K. […]

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Pan-Seared Salmon with a Pistachio Mint Cream Sauce

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OMG. We have to have a meeting right now. Sooooo I finished Gone Girl yesterday. ohhhhhhhhforthefreakinglove. I’ve had a number of you ask for my final thoughts on the matter, and without any spoilers, I’ve collected my overall take on the ordeal, and I’ve come to a most substantial conclusion: W.T.F.   Part one: SO […]

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Lemon Butter Sole and Apple Cinnamon Empanadas

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Dudes. Hark. Are you seeing that light coating of drizzleness sliding down those lemon slices? I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s butter. Pure unadulterated butter. It’s soft butter whisked with white wine and garlic and parsley and lemon juice. But I don’t want to give anything away. And see what’s under all […]

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Seared Chicken Cutlets with Blue Cheese, Figs and Parsley

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Fiiiiiigaro, figaro, figaro, figaro, figaroooooooo. Sorry. I’m randomly using evaporated milk in my coffee this morning and I think it’s manipulating the oxygen flow to my brain muscle. I hereby do not take responsibility for what happens in this post from this point on. FIGS. Do you ever think about figs and the seductive wizardry […]

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4th of July Round-Up Extravaganza of the Year and Century

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AMERICUUUUH. This round-up is actually extremely tiny and hilarious. And you mostly likely have your menu planned for today like a well-behaved, organized American citizen, but just in case you needed two more side options, four main entrée alternatives like burgers and fish, one drink option and seriously only one dessert option, Y’ALL I AM […]

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Bulgur Salad with Spinach, Pine Nuts and Asparagus

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Hearty summer grain salads are ALL THE RAGE RIGHT NOW. Could you tell I was using my best car salesman voice? Actually they would say, “GIT YER BULGUR SALAD BEFORE IT’S GONE GONE GONE.” Why do car sales people repeat words? “I’m sorry honey, I know we were in the middle of fertilizing the flower […]

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Free-Form Vegetarian Lasagna

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I love it when food has attitude. Like this. This lasagna is practically standing in a big open field with braids and flowers in its hair and a huge sign, “Whatever, I’m free-form. Wanna make something of it? And by the way, I just burned my bra.”   It’s lasagna without much willy nilly. There’s […]

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Pan-Seared Salmon For One

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I don’t WANT to annoy the living tar out of you. I don’t. So let me just get this teeny tiny thing out of the way real quick before we begin, cool? Just bear with me. …..sweet Lordy Lou almighty beans of the earth he diddly done won it. Not that this was a shocker, […]

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Creamy Lumaconi with Italian Sausage and Spinach

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It started off so innocently. It was a muggy Saturday evening and we’d spent all afternoon spreading one hundred thousand bags of black mulch all over the garden beds. Covered in wood chips, we wearily stumbled into the house to collapse on the sofa, pour 35 glasses of wine and fist bump over the success […]

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